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FA 2018 | advanced topic studio
Project Title: "When the River Meets the Road: Culture, Ecology, & Growth along the Rio Gil√£o in Tavira" Our studio spent ten days in August 2018 traveling with Professor Bruce Sharky in Portugal, visiting parks and historical sites in Lisbon and Leiria before settling into the coastal city of Tavira. We were given the independence to study and choose our own site scale, subjects, and design challenges within the city, which is becoming increasingly known by tourists for its barrier island beaches, salt pans, and historic architecture within a small town atmosphere.
SP 2018 | urban systems studio
Project Title: "Reclaiming Common Grounds: Parks for Community Health in New Orleans' District B" After groups mappings, visits, and ratings of New Orleans parks, each student chose three sites to (re-)design. In District B, I noticed many green spaces in close vicinity to other services and institutions - schools, daycares, health clinics, shelters - and saw these instances as opportunities. My interest in healing landscapes led me to focus on parks that could enhance human well-being via these interactions, inspiring the idea of a establishing a central care network in New Orleans, that highlights and support the city's community resources by enhancing the common spaces between them.
thesis work | printmaking
landscape technology
Application of previous grading coursework Introduction to construction documents
SP 2017 | site systems II studio
Project Title: "[memorial stadium]" [description]
35mm, 2016-17
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